Managed Corporate Academy for your Organization

Our Core Team will analyze and develop your Learning and Talent Needs and build your Corporate Academy

Our Software and Support Team will install, customize and manage Corcial Talent and Learning Management Portal for you and for your employees

Our Content Development Team will prepare or provide one custom elearning content for you every month to support the organizational goals

Our HR Team will support and manage your Learning and Talent Services

We will dedicate an HR Professional for your organization to work with you.

We will become your Talent and Learning Team, run your Corporate Academy and report to you weekly

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All Inclusive Learning Suite

Corcial Learning supports all kind of learning and development activities including inclass learning, elearning, virtual classes, videos, podcasts, document libraries, knowledge bases, seminars, quizzes, examinations, question banks, questionnaires, todos, online or face-to-face evaluations.

Online Workpaces for Lean Working Environment

Corcial enables online workspaces for teams, groups, departments, organizations as well as subjects and projects. All kind of information and activity will be documented and shared in your workspace instantly.

Find All Work History and Access to your Knowledge Base

Every information, activity and communication will be archived on the wokspaces. Also yo can build your knowledg base.

Instant collaboration and communication on different workspaces

Collaborate instantly with your colleagues. Monitor all activities on your workspaces. Organize, act, share, bookmark, like, add reminder and relate your activities.

Manage Learning and Growth of your Organization

In-class Learning

Asynchronous E-Learning

Online Conferences

Live Virtual Classes

Video Based Learning

Peer Learning

Knowledge Base


Corcial Learning Apps

Corcial Learning provides ready Corcial applications. Also, you can integrate Corcial Learning with your current applications.

Learning Management System

Manage your in-class or online learning goals and activities as well as budgets and certificates.

Online Examination System

Give online assesments and tests. Create question banks. Monitor and report the results.

Online Questionnaire System

Evaluate learning outcomes with ready learning questionnaires. Use reports and results to improve learning outcomes.

Learning Content Management System

Design and deploy your content easily.

Video Content Management System

Build your video library.

Enterprise Social Network

Enable your colleagues to share their ideas and knowledge with the others.

Document Management and Library

Build your documents library. Also share your documents on courses.

Virtual Classroom Integration

Use virtual classrooms to build live teleconference based learning classes within minutes.

Learning Screenshots

Corcial Workspaces for Social Learning and Development Environment

Use online workspaces for teams, groups, departments, organizations as well as subjects, projects and ideas.

Deskboards for Workspaces

You can add information and activities to workspaces. Deskboards shows the summary of all activities on the workspace. You can drill down for details.

Followups and Tasks

Attach tasks and followups for measurable outcomes.

Posts and Announcements

Add any kind of information, posts and announcements to the workspaces.

Appointments and Events

You can add time based events and appointments to the workspaces. Additionally, you can share your calendar and view the shared calendar of your colleagues.

Documents and Files

Add any kind of document to the wokspace. Also monitor who will open the document and when.


Share the videos on the workpaces. Also, you can create your private organizational video tube.


Evaluate issues and ideas with questionnaires. Add questionnaires and results to other apps and information.

Courses and Quizzes

Add learning and assesment activities to the workspace.

Articles and Organizational Knowledge Base

Add articles and create your knowledge base

Add your notes and comments

Add your notes on any activity which will seen by only you. Also, you can add comments for others

Label your activities and information

Create labels and label your activities.

Secure Private Sharing

Workspaces can be accessed by the members only. Also, activities on workspaces has its own privacy. You can add an activity which is private for some members of the workspace.

Remarkable Features


Have access to the summary of the current situation of your company from a single point through integration of data from various systems. Brief graphic interfaces supporting decision making. Go into the details.


Consolidate data in various systems from a single access point. Allow different colleagues and teams to view relevant data only through authorization.


Create institutional memory and intelligence by correlating the information in the apps, activities and documents with one another


Reach all information, documents,activities and colleagues on one platform. Manage your departments by creating hierarchies of authorization.


Create your private social network with Corcial. Recorded shares and conversations with your colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers. Manage information easily and safely, connect and share documents instantly.


Mobilize your company. Access your organizational information anytime and anywhere. Use Corcial native app on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or use the browsers on your PC and phone.

Learn, Work, Know and Collaborate

Learning Management

Online Workspaces

Knowledge Base

Instant Communication

Additional Learning Features

Detailed employee profile

Position and learning history of employees

Confirmation management

Learning goals


Knowledge base

Blended courses

Calendar of employee

Triggered enrollments and actions


Subjects and sessions

Live collaboration

Classroom and team chat

Learning programs

Course catalogs

Attendance management

Scorm compliant


Geographic reports

Mobile dashboards

Push notifications

Mail notifications

Notifications templates

All Corcial actions on any activity: Comments, Bookmark, Tag, Take Note, Add Reminder, Like Create Relation, Collaborate on.

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Integrate and Unify Your Apps with Corcial

INTEGRATE your apps, CONSOLIDATE your information and UNIFY your company with Corcial


Your Apps






Your Apps






Your Team

More Features

Social Network for Organizations

Create a social network for your organization. Enable your employees to communicate and share documents with colleagues, partners and clients online.

Internal Communication

Participate in and manage internal communication in your organization with

Relational and Social Data

Connect any activity with one another. (Create a customer-related task, set a meeting for that task while a coleague attaches a former briefing to the meeting etc)

Unified Organization

Have access to all activities and connect with colleagues in a single environment where you manage your departments and hierarchical structure.

Issue Management

Manage the requests and complaints of your members.

Information Management

Access your work data any time anywhere. Create an institutional memory for your organization.

Project and Task Management

Manage your projects and tasks.

Time Management

Manage your time in view of your colleagues' and team's calendars.

Content Management

Customize design and content of your information

Contact Management

Create your contact list, and connect with users from other organizations.

Location Management

Pin your activities on the map.

Departments, Teams and Groups

Form you departments, teams and groups to enable focused operations.

Take Note

Take notes on your activities. View, share, search and relate your notes.


Bookmark important activities, and highlight some for later appraisal.


Motivate your colleagues by showing your appreciation. Follow what others like.


Tag your work for efficiency. Allow your colleagues to benefit from your tags.

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